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Where We Are
Bryn Amlwg is home to the Oathill horses. Situated just outside the picturesque village of Berriew in Powys it has been developed by Julia and Doug Anderson over the last 10 years. Having spotted a bungalow standing in just an acre of land but with superb views and a wonderful location, Julia and Doug saw the potential and bought the property plus the surrounding 17 acres and proceeded to turn it into a purpose built equestrian unit.
An American Barn style stable block was the first project followed by a 40m x 22m all weather manege. A covered turnout area was added onto the end of the stable block enabling horses to be moved from stables to turnout in adverse weather without having to go outside. This is particularly useful (and safe) for moving mares and foals. Hundreds of yards of post and rail fencing was the next priority providing seven paddocks all within easy reach and sight of the main yard and house.
The main stable block provides 9 stables, 8 being 12x12 and one corner box at 12 x 16 with CCTV to the foaling boxes. All stables have rubber flooring. The building was especially built to 14 feet at the eaves which, coupled with a 12 foot central walkway, allows plenty of fresh air to circulate. Full height doors at both ends mean that when necessary, horses are completely sheltered in even the most extreme weather. Outside the main block are a further three 12x12 stalls with gated fronts. These also have direct access to the covered turnout area.

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